Liste angepasst für das Pen & Paper Regelwerk.

Anmerkung: Alle Tränke sind in Liechtenstein Artefakte oder Mineralien.

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Allgemein ZauberSpell
💀Unverzeihlicher FluchForbidden

Stufe 1


  • Entsperrungszauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • Touch a non-magical lock with your wand. It unlocks.
  • Backfire. Instead of just unlocking, the lock loudly breaks and detaches completely from what it was guarding.


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • An object or animal changes its colour into a colour of your choosing.
  • Backfire. The colour is determined randomly or by the GM instead.


  • Zauber⭐
  • An object descends. If cast on a short wall that is not connected to the ceiling, the wall sinks into the floor.
  • Backfire. The object can't be raised again for an hour. Picking it up or lifting it is impossible.

Finite Incantatem

  • Gegenzauber
  • Konter🛡️
  • You end the effects of a spell created by a wizard. This spell can be cast quickly to end a spell the instant it is cast, preventing its effects from occurring; to do so, you use the short form finite and must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. A burst of magical energy, released as a result of the target spell being cancelled, knocks everyone within the vicinity backwards with the force of a hard shove.

Limax Vomite

  • Schlug Schnecken – Kotzfluch
  • Hexung✨
  • You force a human to vomit a slug. The target vomits another slug every 10-20 minutes for the next few hours.
  • Backfire. You vomit slugs instead.


  • Zauber⭐
  • Speak the name of an object within 30 feet of you. It floats for
  • one minute, moving slowly. You can control where it floats.
  • Backfire. The object moves randomly out of your control.

Locomotor Mortis

  • Beinklammerfluch
  • Hexung✨
  • A human's legs become locked for a minute. The target doesn't fall down unless they were already unbalanced.
  • Backfire. The target's legs flap around uncontrollably, propelling them in random directions.


  • Zauber⭐
  • The tip of your wand glows brightly for one minute, casting a narrow beam of light.

* Backfire. Your wand lets loose a blinding flash of light and then puffs out. (Billozauber, kein Backfire)


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You transform an object or animal into a cup, container, or bowl for one minute.
  • Backfire. The cup, container, or bowl retains the texture of its original form, such as the fur of a rat.


  • Konter🛡️
  • You extinguish the effects of lumos in a wand.

* Backfire. Another light source nearby sucks up the wand's light and illuminates itself.(Billozauber, kein Backfire)


  • Konter🛡️
  • You shield your mind from magic, such as from spells like legilimens and obliviate, for one minute. You can cast this spell quickly to prevent a wizard accessing your mind; to do so, you must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. You transmit your thoughts to everyone nearby for ten seconds.


  • Zauber⭐
  • Objects you have arranged in front of a trunk or other piece of luggage pack themselves neatly inside if they can fit.
  • Backfire. They just jam themselves in there with no regard for neatness.

Petrificus Totalus

  • Ganzkörperklammerfluch
  • Fluch⚡
  • A human's legs and arms become locked to their side for one minute. The target usually falls down.
  • Backfire. Your arms and legs become locked to your side instead.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You compel a human to drink from a cup in front of them. This spell has no effect if the liquid in the cup is harmful.
  • Backfire. The target doesn't open their mouth and the drink splashes all over their clothes.

Wingardium Leviosa

  • Schweben
  • Zauber⭐
  • You levitate a small object for one minute. You can control the object's movement through the air.
  • Backfire. The object levitates uncontrollably higher and higher.


  • Zauber⭐
  • Your wand is lightly and insistently pulled in the cardinal direction North for one minute.
  • Backfire. The direction is random.


  • Calvario – Haarausfallfluch⚡
  • Colovaria – Farbwechselzauber⭐
  • Diminuendo – Schrumpfzauber⭐
  • Periculum – Funkenzauber⭐ (Billozauber, kein Backfire)
  • Elasto – Weichmachzauber⭐
  • Tempus - Uhrzeitzauber⭐ (Billozauber, kein Backfire)
  • Tergeo – Reinigungszauber⭐
  • Ventus – Wirbelwind-Hexung✨


  • Plappertrank
  • Beruhigungstrank
  • Hustentrank
  • Schrumpftrank

Stufe 2


  • Konter🛡️
  • Ink that has been magically made invisible becomes visible again.
  • Backfire. The words appear in the wrong order.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You cause a human to become cheerful for one minute.
  • Backfire. The target is incapacitated by hysterical laughter for one minute instead.


  • Entwaffnungszauber
  • Konter🛡️
  • A wizard's wand flies out of their grip. This spell can be cast quickly to prevent another wizard from completing the casting of a spell; to do so, you must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. The target is also knocked backwards with the force of a hard shove. You can choose to let this backfire effect happen without rolling.


  • Fluch⚡
  • You cause a small object to violently explode, potentially causing harm to those around it.
  • Backfire. Half a dozen more objects nearby also violently explode.


  • magische Kennzeichnung (flamm. Kreuz)
  • Zauber⭐
  • You leave a fiery mark on an object that leaves a burn in the shape you have drawn.
  • Backfire. The object catches fire.


  • Zauber⭐
  • A flame's heat is nullified, rendering the fire harmless to animals and humans for 1 hour. The flame still burns objects.
  • Backfire. The flame roars and spreads quickly if left unchecked. It's still harmless, but should probably be extinguished before the hour is up.


  • Trans�iguration
  • A small, lukewarm jet of flame erupts from the tip of your wand for a few seconds.

* Backfire. The jet of flame lasts for a full minute and can't be stopped.(Billozauber, kein Backfire)


  • Hexung✨
  • You levitate a human a few centimeters above the ground for one minute. You control where they �loat.
  • Backfire. The target floats in random directions uncontrollably.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You permanently make invisible a short message you have written in ink.
  • Backfire. The message becomes garbled, like it was passed through a game of telephone.

Objectum Mutatio

  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You turn an object into another object of the same size for one hour.
  • Backfire. The object transforms into a completely different random object once a minute until the hour is up.


  • Hexung✨
  • If cast immediately following a transfiguration spell that conjured objects or animals, they become hostile to a target of your choice and attack them.
  • Backfire. They become hostile to everyone, not just to a target of your choice.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You cause a human to trip.
  • Backfire. You also trip.


  • Schildzauber
  • Konter🛡️
  • You create a magical shield that reflects jinxes, hexes, and curses back at their caster, making them the target of the spell instead of you. The shield lasts for one minute or until it is hit with a jinx, hex, or curse. This spell can be cast quickly in response to a wizard casting a jinx, hex, or curse, shielding yourself immediately; to do so, you must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. The new target of the spell is randomly determined.


  • Zauber⭐
  • Speak the name of an object within 1 metre of you. It flies to a spot you determine within 100 metres of you.
  • Backfire. It flies off in a random direction.


  • Konter🛡️
  • An object or animal that has magically increased in size returns to its normal size.
  • Backfire. One randomly-determined part of the object or animal remains in its engorged size.

Regularis Figura

  • Konter🛡️
  • You cause an animagus or transfigured object to take its normal shape. Objects or animals created through a transfiguration spell disappear into nothingness.
  • Backfire. One randomly-determined part of the object or animal does not return to its normal shape (or disappear).


  • Konter🛡️
  • You awaken a human or animal that has been magically put to sleep.
  • Backfire. You awaken them very roughly and suddenly.


  • Reparaturzauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You mend a small object. If constituent pieces have broken off, they fly back together and reform.
  • Backfire. The object is mended incorrectly and takes on a different form or function.


  • Kitzel-Hexung
  • Jinx🎉
  • A human becomes overwhelmed as though they were being violently tickled.
  • Backfire. You also feel as though you are being violently tickled.


  • Schlangenbeschwörungszauber
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You conjure a small non-poisonous snake that slithers from the tip of your wand.
  • Backfire. You conjure a dozen snakes, one after the other.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You cause a human's legs to dance uncontrollably.
  • Backfire. You join them in the dance, as though you were partners.


  • Epoximise – Bindungszauber🏆
  • Fumos – Rauch-Zauber🏆
  • Mucus ad Nauseam – Erkältungsfluch⚡
  • Obscuro – Erblindungszauber⭐
  • Steleus – Nieß-Hexung✨
  • Titillando – Kitzel-Hexung✨


  • Alterungstrank
  • Verschönerungstrank
  • Schluckauftrank
  • Alraunen-Trank - Entsteinigungstrank
  • Murtlap Essenz – schmerzlindernd

Stufe 3


  • Zauber⭐
  • For one hour, a human you target becomes effectively invisible to humans, as the target is impossible to notice or concentrate on. A suspicious person can notice the hidden target with a successful Perception check contested by an appropriate check of the target.
  • Backfire. The target is blind until the spell ends.


  • Konter🛡️
  • You prevent apparition in a 50-metre area around you for the next few hours. The effect doesn't travel with you if you move; it remains where you cast it.
  • Backfire. The effect lasts for ten minutes and then fizzles out.


  • Konter🛡️
  • You cause a vanished object to reappear. To do so, you must picture the vanished object clearly in your mind and be standing within 10 metres of where it was vanished.
  • Backfire. The object appears in a random location within 100 metres of you.

Avolara Pituita

  • Hexung✨
  • You enlarge a human's nasal mucus, which separates into half a dozen „bat bogeys“ that grow wings and attack the target.
  • Backfire. The „bat bogeys“ become hostile to everyone nearby.


  • Fluch⚡
  • You blind a human or animal for one hour.
  • Backfire. You are blinded for one week, and your target isn't blinded.


  • Heilung💛
  • You heal a human or animal's broken bone.
  • Backfire. The broken bone is removed entirely.


  • Konter🛡️
  • You erase magically-created images or visual effects.
  • Backfire. Instead of erasing them, you just scramble them.


  • Anschwell-Hexung
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You increase the size of an object or animal, up to double its normal size.
  • Backfire. The target increases ten times its normal size.

Exemplum Contentio

  • Zauber⭐
  • You link two identical small objects together for 7 days, such that changes to one are also made to the other.
  • Backfire. The effects last for only a day.

Exempla Bordus

  • Zauber⭐
  • You generate a magically-created image on a flat surface or in the air, which lasts for one hour.
  • Backfire. It partially appears. You have to physically wave your wand around to draw the rest of it out with great effort.


  • Bandagierungszauber
  • Heilung💛
  • You set a human or animal's broken bone with a magically-conjured bandage and splint.
  • Backfire. The bandage and splint are applied improperly and must be fixed by hand.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You prevent a human or animal from moving closer to your position for one minute. It doesn't repel them, just prevents them from willingly moving closer.
  • Backfire. You can't move for one minute.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You enchant a small object to repel substances such as water or effects such as heat.
  • Backfire. Instead of the substance being repelled from the object, the object is repelled by the substance, causing it to be flung violently away on contact.


  • Hexung✨
  • You restrain a human with magical ropes for one minute.
  • Backfire. The wand tries its best to tie the knots, but it's not very good at it.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You prevent sounds and objects from entering or exiting a room or container for one minute.
  • Backfire. Several out-of-context words or phrases you utter are ejected out of the room periodically.


  • Konter🛡️
  • You free a human or animal from magical restraints, such as those from the impedimenta spell. The target is freed without harm being done to them; for example, if they are held aloft in the air, they are lowered gently to the ground.
  • Backfire. The target is freed, but you fall under the restraining effects yourself.


  • Blumenstraußbeschwörung
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • A bouquet of beautiful, pleasantly fragrant flowers bursts forth from the tip of your wand.
  • Backfire. The flowers are ugly and smell bad.

Prior Incantato

  • zeigt letzten genutzten Zauber
  • Konter🛡️
  • You target a wizard's wand. A shadowy echo of the last spell cast from that wand emanates from its tip.
  • Backfire. A spell randomly chosen from further back in its history appears instead.


  • Heilung💛
  • You cure a human of a minor nonmagical sickness, such as a cold or a sinus infection.
  • Backfire. The target sneezes uncontrollably for one hour.


  • Zauber⭐
  • A bubble of air forms around a human or animal's head, allowing them to breathe comfortably for one hour.
  • Backfire. The air in the bubble has an unpleasant odour.


  • Irrwicht Abwehr Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You compel a boggart to take the form of something you are concentrating on.
  • Backfire. The boggart instead takes the form of your greatest fear.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You clean an object of visible grime.
  • Backfire. The amount of visible grime is doubled.

Sentis Incommodum

  • Hexung✨
  • You cause a human to develop stinging red welts that are painful, itchy, and inflamed.
  • Backfire. You gain red welts instead.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You adhere one object to another indefinitely. The effects have the strength of regular adhesive glue.
  • Backfire. You accidentally adhere the wrong objects together.


  • Konter🛡️
  • For one minute, you can see objects, animals, or humans that would otherwise be hidden through magic.
  • Backfire. You see objects, animals, or humans that are not there.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You imbue an object with the ability to fly when commanded by a wizard.
  • Backfire. The object develops a bratty personality.


  • Anteoculatia – Geweih-Wachs-Hexung✨
  • Colloshoo – Festkleb-Hexung✨
  • Herbivicus – Pflanzenwachstum⭐
  • Illegibilus – Buchstabensalat-Zauber⭐
  • Impervius – Macht Gegenstände wasserabweisend⭐
  • Mimble Wimble – Zungenknoten Fluch⚡
  • Reparifarge – Rückverwandlungs-Zauber🏆
  • Tarantallegra – Tanz-Hexung✨


  • Abschwell Trank
  • Pepperup Trank – Erkältungslösung
  • Unctuous Unction – Freundschaftstrank
  • Schlaftrank
  • Anschwelltrank

Stufe 4


  • Herbeirufzauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • Speak the name of an object within 100 metres of you. It flies safely into your hands.
  • Backfire. The object misses you and flies off uncontrollably in a random direction.


  • Vogelbeschwörungszauber
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • A flock of white doves erupts from the tip of your wand.
  • Backfire. Hundreds of white feathers erupt from your wand instead.

Custodicelium Inimecus

  • Zauber⭐
  • You enchant a building or room to detect intruders (humans) for 7 days. If an intruder is detected, an alarm sounds. You can name specific people that it will detect, or specific people that it will ignore. You can choose for the alarm to sound out loud, centred in the building, in the room, or on you, or you can choose for the alarm to sound silently in your head.
  • Backfire. The alarm is overzealous, sounding when any human or animal enters the building or room.


  • Zahnwuchs-Hexung
  • Hexung✨
  • You cause a human or animal's teeth to grow too large to fit comfortably in their mouth.
  • Backfire. The target's teeth grow sharp and pointy, good for biting.


  • Abtrennzauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You precisely cut or sever a non-magical object, as long as it could reasonably be cut or severed with a knife.
  • Backfire. The object is shredded into pieces.


  • Heilzauber (kl.)
  • Heilung💛
  • A human or animal's minor injury is healed. The target feels the location of injury go very hot and then very cold.
  • Backfire. The target is caused great pain while they are being healed.


  • Fluch⚡
  • You curse an object to badly burn anyone that touches it for 7 days.
  • Backfire. The curse spreads to any object that comes into contact with the original object.

Flagrante Injurium

  • Heilung💛
  • You cauterise an open wound with a harmless flame, sealing it and preventing further bleeding.
  • Backfire. You burn the target painfully in the process.


  • Furunkel-Hexung
  • Fluch⚡
  • A human receives 1-2 painful, blistering boils that go away after a minute.
  • Backfire. The target receives 100-200 boils, but they're painless.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You flatten the steps on a stairway for one minute, creating a slide.
  • Backfire. The effects last for 7 days.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You refill a cup or container of nonmagical liquid that has been emptied in the past minute.
  • Backfire. The cup or container overfills for five solid minutes.

Impedimenta Forte

  • Lähm-Hexung
  • Fluch⚡
  • You stop a human or animal from moving entirely for one hour, freezing them in place or otherwise restraining them. The nature that the spell takes to prevent the target from moving is determined by the GM.
  • Backfire. You are also frozen in place.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You momentarily dazzle a human by flashing colourful lights in their eyes.
  • Backfire. Everyone in a 10-metre radius of you is dazzled, including you.

Piertotum Locomotor

  • Zauber⭐
  • You imbue an object with the ability to move of its own accord for one hour. It follows your commands.
  • Backfire. The object does not follow your commands.


  • Gegenzauber zu Sonorus
  • Konter🛡️
  • A human's magically-magnified voice is reduced to its normal volume.
  • Backfire. You completely remove their ability to talk for 1 minute.


  • Auflösungszauber
  • Fluch⚡
  • You disintegrate a small object, or burn a human-sized hole in a large object.
  • Backfire. You are knocked backwards by the sudden burst of heat and energy.


  • Heilung💛
  • You soothe the mind of a troubled human, bringing them peace through meditation for 1 hour.
  • Backfire. The target's anxieties return worse than before.


  • Megafonzauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You amplify a human's voice for one minute.
  • Backfire. The amplification is painfully loud for anyone who can hear it.


  • Schockzauber
  • Hexung✨
  • You knock a human unconscious for one minute.
  • Backfire. The target is only knocked unconscious for a few seconds.


  • Depulso – Verscheuchungszauber⭐
  • Incaercerous – Fesselzauber🏆
  • Locomotor Wibbly – Gummibein-Hexung✨


  • Blemish Blitzer - Akne Trank
  • Feuerschutz-Trank
  • Laxative Trank
  • Stärkungs-Trank

Stufe 5


  • Erstickungslöser
  • Heilung💛
  • You clear a human's airway if blocked.
  • Backfire. The target hyperventilates for a minute.

Consulus Tempus

  • Zauber⭐
  • You comfortably change a room's temperature for one day.
  • Backfire. The room is struck by a random weather event such as rain or snow.


  • Fluch⚡
  • You cause an object or animal to explode violently, potentially harming nearby people.
  • Backfire. The spell fizzles and has no effect.


  • Verrieglungs-Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You lock a door. A door locked in this way can't be unlocked with alohomora.
  • Backfire. No key will fit the lock. The lock has to be destroyed in order to open the door.


  • Verschwinde-Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You vanish a small nonmagical object, which disappears into nothingness. The object can be recovered with the counter-spell appareo.
  • Backfire. The object reappears after a few seconds.

Expecto Patronum

  • Patronus Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • An incarnation of your innermost positive emotions bursts forth in a bright explosion of light from your wand, pushing back creatures of evil, such as dementors. The spell usually takes the form of a burst of light, but with suf�icient positive emotions, it can also take the form of a spirit animal, a patronus, unique to you. Furthermore, with one hundred percent of your positive energy poured forth into the spell, it explodes in a 50-metre sphere of pulsing magical light emanating from your patronus. Your GM determines the form that your patronus takes. Your patronus can also be used to travel long distances and deliver messages in your voice.
  • Backfire. Due to insufficient positive emotion, your wand makes a sad „mwah mwow“ noise instead.


  • Loslass-Hexung
  • Hexung✨
  • You create a burst of hot sparks that causes a human to drop what they are holding. This spell can be cast quickly to prevent another wizard from completing the casting of a spell; to do so, you must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. The sparks cause everyone within 10 metres of you to drop what they're holding.


  • Schweigezauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You silence an object, animal, or human for one minute. This can be cast to quickly prevent a wizard from uttering an incantation; to do so, you must succeed on a Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. You are silenced instead.

Repello Muggletum

  • Muggel-Abwehrzauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You enchant a building or room to repel muggles for 7 days. Muggles find themselves unable to perceive the room or building with their normal senses and feel magically compelled to leave if they stumble inside. They retain no memory of the place.
  • Backfire. The target repels both muggles and wizards.

Specialus Revelio

  • Enthüllungs-Zauber (magische Objekte)
  • Konter🛡️
  • You force an object to reveal its magical properties, which emanate from the object as a shadowy echo. If the object is a potion, its ingredients are also revealed.
  • Backfire. A random unrelated magical effect is revealed instead.


  • Aperio – Öffnungs-Zauber⭐
  • Cantis – Sing Hexung✨
  • Oppugno – Angriff durch kleine Lebewesen✨
  • Protego Totalum – Schild-Areal-Zauber🛡️
  • Vulnera Sanentur - Heilzauber (gr.)💛


  • Amortentia – Liebestrank
  • Rauschtrank
  • Diptam Essenz– Heil-Essenz
  • Anti-Liebes-Trank
  • Gripsschärfungs-Trank

Stufe 6


  • Wasserbeschwörungszauber
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • A jet of water erupts from your wand for a few seconds. The jet is not of sufficient pressure to be harmful.
  • Backfire. The jet of water lasts for a full minute and can't be stopped.


  • Teleportations-Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You magically teleport to a location known to you. The process creates a loud bang and is quite unpleasant for you and everyone around you.
  • Backfire. You teleport to a random location within 100 miles of your original location.


  • Verwirrungszauber
  • Jinx🎉
  • You cause a human to become dazed and confused for one minute.
  • Backfire. The target becomes ornery and frustrated instead.


  • Sprengzauber
  • Hexung✨
  • You create a violent downward pressure on an object.
  • Backfire. Every other object within 10 metres of it also buckles and collapses.


  • Jinx🎉
  • You carve a gouge in a large object, as though it was scooped away by a shovel.
  • Backfire. The gouge is significantly bigger than expected, as though it was scooped away by a digger machine.


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You create a magically-summoned tent or simple structure.
  • Backfire. You're strangely happy about the results.


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • A small object is duplicated with a perfect copy. You can also set the duplication to occur if certain reasonable parameters are met, such as if the object is touched by a human.
  • Backfire. Each duplicate spawns another duplicate for one minute, potentially overwhelming everyone nearby with exponentially-growing numbers of duplicates.


  • Zauber⭐
  • Your natural senses are heightened for one hour. You can see in all directions at once, you can hear whispers as loud as a scream, and your sense of smell is good enough to track the scents of individual creatures.
  • Backfire. You suffer from sensory overload.


  • Ebublio – Beschwörung kleiner Blasen✨
  • Emendo – Knochenheilung💛
  • Flipendo – Weiche-Zurück-Hexung✨
  • Gemino – Verdopplungszauber⚡
  • Langlock – klebt Zunge am Gaumen fest (Verstummung)✨
  • Melofors – Kürbis-Kopf-Hexung✨
  • Muffliato – Störgräusche-Zauber⭐
  • Pullus – Verwandelt Kreaturen in Hühner✨


  • Trank der lebenden Toten
  • Garottengas – Erwürgungsgas
  • Stärkungstrank
  • Veritaserum – Wahrheitstrank
  • Veritaserum Gegenmittel

Stufe 7


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You turn an animal into another animal of the same size for one hour.
  • Backfire. The animal does not adopt the behavioural traits of its new form and attempts to continue on as if it were in its original form.


  • Versteinerungszauber
  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You turn an object or animal to stone for one day. Damage incurred while turned to stone carries over to the target's original form.
  • Backfire. The target can move normally even while turned to stone.

Duro Homenum

  • Fluch⚡
  • You turn a human to stone for one hour. Damage incurred while turned to stone carries over to the target's original form.
  • Backfire. The target can move normally even while turned to stone.

Homenum Revelio

  • Enthüllungszauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • Your wand pulls you gently towards the nearest human to you, allowing you to detect the location of hidden people.
  • Backfire. The wand points to you, technically the closest human to it.


  • Gedankenlesen
  • Fluch⚡
  • You reach into the mind of a human and pull out speci�ic memories, thoughts, or emotions for you to read.
  • Backfire. You are overwhelmed by the contents of their mind.


  • lässt Körper kopfüber in der Luft hängen
  • Hexung✨
  • You flip a human upside down and hang them aloft by their ankle for one minute. This spell cannot be resisted.
  • Backfire. You drop them on their head after a few seconds and the effects end.

Lingua Vinculum

  • Fluch⚡
  • You prevent a human from revealing specific information for 7 days. When they try to speak about the information you have decided to conceal, their tongue curls backwards in on itself.
  • Backfire. The target's tongue is curled backwards for 7 days, preventing them from speaking at all.


  • löscht Erinnerungen aus dem Gedächtnis
  • Fluch⚡
  • You erase a human's memory of the past few days. Powerful wizards can extend the amount of memory that is erased.
  • Backfire. Your memory is erased instead.


  • Portschlüssel-Erschaffungs-Zauber
  • Zauber⭐
  • You imbue an object with the powers of a portkey. Portkeys can be found in the Objects of Power section.
  • Backfire. The object immediately activates, teleporting you instantly.


  • Heilung💛
  • Immediately after a human or animal dies of unnatural, nonmagical causes, you bring them back to life on a successful Quick Draw check.
  • Backfire. They are permanently scarred by their experiences, mentally and physically.


  • Baubillious – Blitzzauber🏆
  • Confrigo – Explosionszauber⚡
  • Fianto Duri – Verstärkung von Schutzzaubern🛡️
  • Mutatio – Mutations Hexung✨
  • Redactum – Schrumpfzauber✨
  • Vermiculus – Verwandelt Dinge in Würmer✨


  • Blutbildender Trank
  • Euphorie Elixir
  • Felix Felicis – Glückstrank
  • Gedächtnisverlust-Trank
  • Vielsafttrank – Verwandlung
  • Skelle-Wachs – Knochenwachstums-Trank


Avada Kedavra

  • Todesfluch
  • Fluch💀
  • You kill a human or animal.
  • Backfire. Their corpse explodes in a burst of sound and light.


  • Folterfluch
  • Fluch💀
  • You cause unbearable pain in a human or animal for as long as
  • you concentrate on the spell.
  • Backfire. The unbearable pain lasts for 1 hour longer than
  • intended.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You choose a human to permanently become a Secret Keeper, and you choose information that the Secret Keeper possesses. The information provided to the Secret Keeper cannot be revealed by anyone except the Secret Keeper. You choose what happens if the Secret Keeper dies: either the information can no longer be revealed (meaning it will only be known by those who already know the information), or everyone who knows the information becomes a new Secret Keeper.
  • Backfire. Someone else nearby becomes the Secret Keeper instead.


  • Verwandlung🏆
  • You create an unstoppable conflagration of destruction, often appearing as a demonic entity. The fire rages and spreads for a minute, pursuing objects, animals, or humans of your choice. Everything the fire touches is reduced to ash.
  • Backfire. You have no control over the spread of the fire.


  • Marionettenfluch
  • Fluch💀
  • You compel a human to do as you command for 7 days. The target retains no memory of their actions, although their memories may come back to them in their dreams.
  • Backfire. The target remembers everything with clarity.

Jusjurandum Perpetuus

  • Zauber⭐
  • A human makes you a promise as part of the casting of this spell. If the intent of the promise is broken, they die. These effects are permanent and cannot be removed by counter-spells.
  • Backfire. Instead of intent, they die if they break the exact wording of the promise.


  • Fluch⚡
  • You trace a tattoo of evil on the arm of a human, a Dark Mark. For the effects of the Dark Mark, see its section in Quirks.
  • Backfire. The target's skin blisters and burns where the tattoo is applied.


  • Hexung✨
  • You cause a loud buzzing in the ears of a human, deafening them for one hour. This spell cannot be resisted.
  • Backfire. Everyone within 30 metres of you develops buzzing in their ears, including you.


  • Heilung💛
  • You reanimate the corpse of a human or animal. The corpse has no mind of its own and follows your commands.
  • Backfire. You can't control the corpse. It wanders aimlessly.


* Fluch⚡ * You slash your wand in the direction of a human, as though you were slicing them with a sword. Deep gashes appear in their body where your wand would slash them. * Backfire. Instead of gashes, you completely sever bits off of the target's body.

  • Anmerkung: Nur in Hogwarts bekannt (Der Zauber steht noch immer im Zaubertränke-Buch des Halbblutprinzen)


  • Konter🛡️
  • You permanently remove the ability of the target to use magic.
  • Backfire. The target regains their magical abilities after 7 days, and you permanently lose yours.


  • Zauber⭐
  • You designate a word or phrase. For the next 7 days, when that word or phrase is spoken anywhere in the world, you know the exact location of the speaker.
  • Backfire. You are no longer able to speak the word or phrase yourself until the effects end.


Rowling nutzt ein sehr freies pseudo-Latein.


  1. drehen
  2. gesprochen [ˈt̪oɾ.ke]
  3. Imperativ, aktiv, 2.Person singular: Drehen! Dreh dich!
  4. wird genutzt um schrauben oder Zahnräder(inkl. Uhrwerk) zu drehen
  5. es wird einmal um sich selbst (360°) im Uhrzeigersinn gedreht
  6. Gegen den Uhrzeiger/in die andere Richtung ist einfach: Retroque

Golem beleben

  • Formel: “Kum, u'l'chayim tikanes bachochma, v'nefesh chaim tihiyeh b'guf shel adama!”
  • Übersetzung: Erwache und betrete das Leben in Weisheit; und lass dort eine lebende Seele in einem Körper der Erde sein!



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